Monday, December 11, 2017

Motivational Monday #65: Who do you listen to?

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In life both personal & professional the people around you either lift you up, encourage & admonish you or they can be sharp tongued either overtly or subversively. It's up to us who we give power to in our lives. 

Each of us are strong, successful & can be leaders in our spheres. As leaders don't let naysayers words hold you back from crushing your goals. Stay focused, stay determined and take action to achieve those goals. 

Monday, December 4, 2017

Motivational Monday #64: Plan, ACT, Repeat

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This morning I was reminded that there is never a 'perfect time' or 'perfect plan', but we need to have a strategy, act on it and measure our result to improve it and see it's strengths. 

Getting out there and trying it out is the BEST way to test new plans or presentations so the simple encouragement for the day is: Lets be a team of action in the marketplace. This is the only way that we can create our own current and not just ride the waves of the market.  

Monday, November 27, 2017

Motivational Monday #63: is it?

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Are we proactive in a high level of service or reactionary? Sometimes we crank it up for a client or target when things didn't go 100% right on a file -or- we find out that they have begun splitting business or have been meeting with a rep from another company. We do need to crank it up for sure in those cases and keep them with us for sure, so keep that rolling. 

My though is what proactive, planned out steps could each of us do with our current clients where they would be soo satisfied with us, our service and our proactive approach with business development that they wouldn't even think of taking a meeting with another rep, "spreading their business around", etc...

As we approach our 2018 market share growth plans be thinking about how we can stay proactive in retention and the more we retain and grow new partnerships that faster the rate of growth for all of us to win as a team and operation together. 

Monday, November 20, 2017

Motivational Monday #62: Don't give up.....persevere & win!

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A key way to continual success is to always be prospecting; always. Not just when you 'feel' you really 'need it' (we always need it), but all the time. It need to be a part of what you do daily as a habit, nut just an initiative that run for a period of time and then is over. 

Even after your strike a win prospecting, we need to look for the next place to win again and repeat. 

Action for today: Thing of a target client/office or lost client that you have given up on or not focused on the way you know how to. Put into action purposeful steps to gain access to bring them value and ear their business for you, your escrow partners & our team as a whole. 

Go get em' team!!

Monday, November 13, 2017

Motivational Monday #61: Be the Laser...we do it!

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Many of us know of the slide that we use for farming about the 100 watt light bulb and the 100 watt laser. Both have the same output...the one difference is FOCUS. The one that is focused can cut through a wall while the other dimly lights up it's surroundings.   

When we are talking to agents about focused farming or really anything else, that all can easily be applied to us. Focused, consistent actions enhanced with best practices towards a very specific goals with measures built in to rate success. Make sure that what we are all doing daily in our actions fall into above and we are doing what it takes to win. Remember, doing what it takes and really liking it are two different things. 

- If it takes cold calls on new listings to get it done...we do it. 

- If it takes office presentations to get meetings with agents...we do it.

- Whatever it takes to get it done, to get more escrows from more business partners for us and our team...we do it. 

- Why do we do it...because the best do what it takes daily for them and their teams to grow...and we are the best in the business.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Motivational Monday #60: Final 55....we got this!!

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Today marks 55 days left of 2017. We each have 55 days left to make this year what we wanted out of it. It can be easy to look around at other coasting and hop on the wagon, but finishing strong is where the magic happens! Think about a the home stretch the runner digs down deep and gives it all they have (and it's sometimes even more than they knew they had in them) Starting the race and maintaining throughout is great, but equally as important is the finish! 

Lets lean in and make that final push to make a positive impact not just in our lives and business' but remember we have a huge impact on the lives and business of our escrow partners too. 

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Monday, October 30, 2017

Motivational Monday #59: Sharpening Your Sword

How have you sharpened your sword today? ...or since it's early in the last couple of days? It's imperative that we are always spending some time each day working on ourselves to grow in knowledge & practice so when it's time to meet with or cold call a prospect/client we are on point, prepared and CONFIDENT. This can be done in a variety of ways. Here are a few ideas below.
  • Practice a presentation while driving
  • Research on ITS Connect
  • Look at the housing statistics in your market (see links below)
  • Look at our best practices scripts and make them your own

The key takeaway from this is really the follow up after you "sharpen the sword" is to put it into action! If we just sharpen the sword to improve, but do not put into use it become a waste of time. So let's sharpen the sword today & then put it into action to win the day!  

Monday, October 23, 2017

Motivational Monday #58: You're WAY above average

This morning when you woke up from bed how did you feel? When you got up and got going did you think at all that you wanted to just 'get through' the day ~ average? I don't think any of us did. Our default for each day should be impact and fullness. The hours in our day is something that we all have an equal amount of, but we know how to get more out of our than most; it's just about applying that knowledge and walking it out. 

Today: How are each of us going to be ABOVE average....maybe even WAY above average? Some don't have it in them, but each of us does. Let's crush today, build momentum and growth.  

Monday, October 9, 2017

Motivational Monday #57: Opportunities

Happy Monday Team! 

Today's is short, simple & to the point. 

What opportunities are YOU going to create for YOU and your escrow partners?

Monday, September 25, 2017

Motivational Monday #56: The small action counts BIG

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Choosing to not breeze past the small thing can make a huge impact in our business' and in life as a whole. Instead of just focusing on the big things, if we also focus on being great at the little things it breeds the discipline of awareness, thoughtfulness and finishing strong. Many times we focus on the huge goal, but forget that it was the small achievements over a period of time that compounded and prepared us for the large victory. 

Today think about how you can be great at the details of your day and you'll see that the larger things will be come easier to grasp. 

Have an awesome day team!

Monday, September 18, 2017

Motivational Monday #55: The extra mile

We have all heard the parable of going the extra mile & it's as true when written as it is today. One thing that always stuck out to me about the story is that it was a given to go the first mile. I use to always remind myself that in order to go the extra mile & MUST go the first mile (what's required) in order to go the extra mile (the extra effort/time). This was a big take away for me. 

Today many phone it in, cruising to the end of the day on cruise control instead of finishing strong; not us. We strive to finish strong not just for us, but for all of those that depend on us daily to win. Our families, spouses, children to our escrow, title, customer service & other business partners. I believe it's our drive to not just compete, but to create big opportunities for us to soar is what motivates us to not just go the firs mile, but to CRUSH the extra mile as well. 

It's my privlidge to go the extra mile with each of you. 

Monday, September 11, 2017

Motivational Monday #54: Which one do you have regularly?

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We all have the 'time' to get done what we need to, it usually boils down to how we are spending our time. Its a good exercise to audit how we all spend our time and see if it lines up with we we say is most important to us personally and professionally. It's important not just how we spend our time, but the velocity we use our time as well. I have found time blocking works wonders on this to create efficiency (when held to) of course. 

Candidly I was struggling a few months ago with losing my mornings and not getting some of my in office work done. I had to look at it and now I'm in the office between 7-7:30am each day now, which has to start the night before going to bed early so I'm ready for it. Now when my phone starts ringing and emails start coming in around 8:30-9am I have already accomplished a lot and don't feel like I'm behind the eight ball. 

Make sure you are setting yourself to win the day, each day; and that most likely starts the night before.

Have a great one team! 

Monday, August 28, 2017

Motivational Monday #53: Which quadrant are we in?

Image result for the closer you get to your goals the harder you have to push yourself because that's when you will see all types of resistance

We have many things that call out for our attention and it's up to us to prioritize them. It's not usually the loudest thing calling that is the most important. Sometimes we can get distracted with things that seem urgent and they get in the way of what's most important and necessary for us to achieve our goals. It's the side distractions that we don't think about that get us, not the big distractions most of the time; we recognize those. Check out the graphic above and think as you come across things to do today "Where does this activity fall?" and prioritize accordingly. We all can be in control of our days and schedules when we are purposeful about it. The more we control our schedules (especially before 10am) really helps our days soar. 

Create a great one today!

Monday, August 21, 2017

Motivational Monday #52: Doing it differently

I was reading a blog late last week and came across this info below that I wanted to share. These are some great reminders of things that are easily actionable today that don't need a grand strategic plan or anything like that in order to enact. All they really need is a willingness to do. Look at them below and think about one that you can focus on today and make it happen. This is something that we all can do and growth is a natural byproduct of.  

#1  They create and pursue focused goals.
#2  They take decisive and immediate action.
#3  They focus on Being productive, not being busy.
#4  They make logical, informed decisions.
#5. They avoid the trap of trying to make things perfect.
#6  They work outside of their comfort zone.
#7  They keep things simple.
#8  They focus on making small, continuous improvements.
#9  They measure and track their progress.
#10  They maintain a positive attitude as they learn from mistakes.
#11  They spend time with motivational people.
#12  They maintain balance in their life.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Motivational Monday #51: Be GREAT at what matters

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Sometimes when we are great and many things in life it's harder for us to begin something new because we rarely start at a high level. Our starts with something new are usually a little rocky at first and that may detour us from beginning because it may be a shot to our pride that we aren't immediately excelling at this new thing. My little bit of encouragement or reminder today is that YOU do have the capability to be GREAT at whatever you put your mind and consistent effort behind. 

Think back to something that you truly love and are really good at right it? Now think of how it was when you began. There is probably a vast difference. Now think about something that you started but didn't really pursue with intention. For me that's the guitar. I have one and I can play 6-8 chords well, but that is a very small sample of what it takes to master that craft. Because of this I don't play much in front of others. Baseball on the other hand I wold feel just fin picking up a bat and going for it, because I have put the work in. 

It's the same with us in the field prospecting new clients and continuing to bring value to our current ones. We are confident with what we have put the work into, but much less with the items we haven't that we know are solid and would enhance our business.  

Challenge for this week: Identify 1 product/tool/service that you know wold enhance your business and spend just 1 solid hour diving in to learn it and practicing how to share it with other. 

Monday, August 7, 2017

Motivational Monday #50: Fully Dedicated

To be consistent means to fully dedicate yourself completely to a task, activity or goal. 
To be consistent requires a commitment on your part. It requires that you commit yourself to a sustained effort of action over the long-term. What this essentially means is that you keep your word to yourself and others that you will follow through with what you set out to do consistently over a period of time up until the moment your objectives are achieved. As such, consistency is all about your ability to be dependable, reliable and responsible for all your choices, decisions and actions.
Consistency is about building small empowering habits and rituals that you partake in every single day that keep you focused on your highest priorities and goals. It therefore essentially comes down to your ability to hold yourself accountable for the daily choices you make with no excuses and no complaints. You and you alone are accountable for what you do and what you fail to do. 
To be consistent means to focus on the present moment while maintaining a long-term view that helps you measure your results and the impact of your daily actions. With this regular feedback in your hands you are better able to learn from your failures and mistakes to help you effectively alter your course of action where required.
Consistency is therefore all about repetition. It’s about repeating the same actions  over and over again; gaining feedback from these actions, and adjusting them accordingly to help you stay on track as you work towards your goal. And that in essence is the difference between success and failure in any field of endeavor, and the key to high levels of achievement.
Let's rock it today team!

Monday, July 31, 2017

Motivational Monday #49: Gettin' Scrappy

I've been reading the book Scrappy by Terri Sjodin and a few items of thought have popped out to me that I wanted to share. As we have been in a more traditional resale market the one thing that really stands out is the lack of inventory. There are more real estate agents and less listings so the "who" we are getting in front of and staying in front of with our value propositions in more important than event. Many of the top people we want to be in front of aren't in the office regularly. They don't attend many industry event (but many times other ones outside of the industry). Or they are "set" with who they are working with. This is when "Scrappy" really comes into play. For me scrappy means relentlessly determined to achieve your goal. 

Below are a few excerpts from her book: 

Monday, July 17, 2017

Motivational Monday #48: focus

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The quickest way to achieving a goal is to focus on it until it's complete. Many times though we are distracted by 'good' things that prevent us from hitting the goal or hitting it when we would like to. It's not usually bad things that distracted us, but things that are still good, just not as important at the time. When it's time to make prospecting calls we may find that we get distracted cleaning our desks, going through emails, etc... still good things, but it's not what what we needed to do at that time. 

When we get rid of distractions and focus on that task/goal that we have we get it done feeling accomplished knowing that we made best use of our time. When you are feeling distracted from what you need to get done today, identify it, shake it off and complete your task at hand. If we focus on one at a time and bring it from 0-100% complete and move to the next at the end of the day, week, month we'll be way ahead. 

Make today a GREAT one!

Monday, July 10, 2017

Motivational Monday #47: What do you tolerate?

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We don't get what we want in life & business we get what we tolerate or another way of saying it is we get what we settle for. Putting it that way sounds harsh, but it's 100% true. Think about it. I know it's true for sure. I "want" to be in better shape...great first step in deciding, but if consistent action of a period of time isn't taken to get to that goal, get it. I don't achieve that so I get what I settled for. That rule applies to us in business as well. Think about the goals you have for growth and then look and the steps taken to achieve them, not just the steps planned, but the steps taken. I'm sure we all have some place in our lives that we want to be the charge is to STOP tolerating less than we want and take action to get there using the resources we have. #CrushItToday

Monday, July 3, 2017

Motivational Monday #46: Reaping a Harvest

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Today is for us to remember to reap the harvest. The harvest is only possible if we have planted seeds and watered. If we have done both of those things then the harvest will come. In sales we always need to be planting seeds with prospects as well as current clients. The second part is equally important; the watering of the seeds. We need to stay in front of them with value on a consistent basis for the value and relationship to grow. Today think about who some of the people are that you met with, but the follow up may have slipped. Circle back and reconnect with them purposefully.

Have a great day! 

Monday, June 26, 2017

Motivational Monday #45: It's Go-Time

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Today is just the simple reminder to go forward. Many times we wait for things to be the 'perfect scenario' for us to move forward. There is no such thing as the perfect scenario, but there is such a thing of a great scenario so lets create them and go for it.

Go for it today! You have the talent & ability to succeed in what you pursue in achieving today. Decide to take the step forward and get it.


Monday, June 19, 2017

Motivational Monday #44: Leveraging your time

As we are constantly busy it's important for us to look at what we are busy doing. Our goal isn't to be busy; our goal is to be productive. Are there things in our day that we are doing that we can leverage out to someone or something else? Is there a wiser way of doing something that will save us time and then with that time we can do another productive activity? I've found that protecting time blocks is huge for me so I get done what needs to be done (important) and don't let it slide due to something that may appear urgent (but isn't) and could be less important. It begins with us asking ourselves one simple question: Is there a better way?

Have a great one!

I'm looking forward to the sales meeting this Thursday as well! Remember we'll have a few of us share branch market share reports & impromptu presentations on a product, tool or service as well.  

Monday, June 12, 2017

Motivational Monday #43: Confident & Comfortable

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Just a simple reminder that when we are prospecting for meetings to acquire new business partners we don't just win if we are the best with our services, products and tools. They have to feel confident & comfortable that the pleasure of the move will ought weigh the pain of the move. Most of that peace of mind come from us (you) connecting with them, where they are at. 

As we are out there today keep focused on the connection, hearing what they are saying and being right there. 

Make it a GREAT one!

Monday, June 5, 2017

Motivational Monday #42: Focus on YOUR goal, not what others are doing

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As we are all running our race to win at times we get distracted with what's around us. This was the same case in horse racing, so they started butting blinders on the horses so they didn't look around, but just in front of them. Their focus was on on what was before them and the goals at hand. They couldn't be distracted by what others were doing, they were just focused on running their best race. 

What are we focused on: Our goals and how we are going to achieve them -or- what others in the same race are doing which is taking our focus off of us achieving our goal and putting our best out every day. 

Have an AWESOME day! Don't get distracted by others instead, keep focused on what your goals are and stay on that path. 

Monday, May 22, 2017

Motivational Monday #41:'s contagious

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What's your energy level this morning? Where ever it's at we could probably go a few notches higher right? We know that the energy we bring into a room can set the tone. That goes for our meetings today in the office with our escrow partners and outside of the office with our partners and targets. We have the best resources to help our partners grow...are we bringing it to them in a relate-able & connect-able way? The energy, passion & care that we have MUST come through. We are the tone setters for everything that is around us. 

What tone are you setting? Does it match your goals? Little things make a BIG :) before you answer the phone today and you'll hear a difference in your voice...the cool part is the other person will notice that same difference. 

Monday, May 15, 2017

Motivational Monday #40: Growing Pains

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What are you going to do this week that hurts? Stretching is growing and being stretched is the only way to GROW. To do it once is easy, but creating is as a habit of discipline means growth is constant and I think I'm safe in assuming that we all want growth to be a constant in our lives. If you're with me hop on the bus that leaves behind where we are today (and we aren't going back) and join in the growth journey. 

Action: What "thing" or purposeful action(s) are you going to do that brings some pain or uneasiness? Know that tomorrow it'll become easier and then a strength! #BetterEveryday

Monday, May 8, 2017

Motivational Monday #39: Making it Happen

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We need ideas to act on for sure. The most important part is ACTION to make it happen. Making it happen from beginning to end and not just 75% of the way complete. Don't get distracted by the next thing so much that we don't complete what we are currently doing. 

This week focus on completion and follow up. That is where the magic happens. We need to have the seeds planted, but the results come in the cultivation in order to harvest.  

Monday, May 1, 2017

Motivational Monday #38: Positioning Your Value....

Sales Trinity
Increase Revenue
Expand Market-share
Reduce Cost

If we bring & connect these above with our clients & prospects the sky is the limit. We can't just bring them products, tools &/or services to achieve these goals though. We must CONNECT it to them, how the can implement it in their business with the least amount of growing or change pain as possible. 

For today: 
When we are prospecting or in meetings is our goal to bring 1 or more of these above to the person?

Do we know the products, tools &/or services enough to know how to connect them? If not, are we investing the time to "sharpen our sword" and grow?

Are we closing the circle from the meetings when value is brought and accepted from the client/prospect? Are we connecting them to their escrow team, doing a P.E.P. (if needed) and asking for the order?

Let's connect the dots today & remember that you are the most important "dot" in the equation. Without you, none of the dots connect. Keep Soaring! 

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Monday, April 24, 2017

Motivational Monday #37: Productivity Tip

I found this article at the gym & wanted to share it as today's Motivational Monday.


The Only Productivity Tip You’ll Ever Need

Ernest Hemingway woke each morning and began writing straight away.
He described his daily routine by saying, “When I am working on a book or a story I write every morning as soon after first light as possible. There is no one to disturb you and it is cool or cold and you come to your work and warm as you write.”
Hemingway's routine — along with hundreds of other prolific authors, artists, and scientists mentioned in Mason Currey's book, Daily Rituals: How Artists Work (audiobook) — hints at the most productive strategy I have found for getting things done and making daily progress in the areas that are important to you.
Let's talk about the only productivity strategy you'll ever need, why it works, and what holds us back from using it consistently.
Productivity, Simplified
No need to draw this out. This productivity strategy is straightforward: Do the most important thing first each day.
Sounds simple. No one does it.
Just like Hemingway, who produced an remarkable volume of high-caliber work during his career, you can make surprising progress each day if you simply do the most important thing first.

Why It Works

We often assume that productivity means getting more things done each day. Wrong. Productivity is getting important things done consistently. And no matter what you are working on, there are only a few things that are truly important.
Being productive is about maintaining a steady, average speed on a few things, not maximum speed on everything.
That's why this strategy is effective. If you do the most important thing first each day, then you'll always get something important done. I don't know about you, but this is a big deal for me. There are many days when I waste hours crossing off the 4th, 5th, or 6th most important tasks on my to-do list and never get around to doing the most important thing.
As you'll see below, there is no reason you have to apply this strategy in the morning, but I think starting your day with the most important task does offer some additional benefits over other times.
First, willpower tends to be higher earlier in the day. That means you'll be able to provide your best energy and effort to your most important task.
Second, in my experience, the deeper I get into the day, the more likely it is that unexpected tasks will creep into my schedule and the less likely it is that I'll spend my time as I had planned. Doing the most important thing first each day helps avoid that.
Finally, the human mind seems to dislike unfinished projects. They create an unresolved tension and internal stress. When we start something, we want to finish it. You are more likely to finish a task after starting it, so start the important tasks as soon as possible. (Just another reason why getting started is more important than succeeding.)

Why We Don't Do It

Most people spend most of their time responding to someone else's agenda than their own.
I think this is partially a result of how we are raised by society. In school, we are given assignments and told when to take our tests. At work, we are assigned due dates and given expectations from our superiors. At home, we have tasks or chores to perform to care for our kids and our partners. After a few decades of this, it can become very easy to spend your day reacting to the stimuli that surround you. We learn to take action as a reaction to the expectations, orders, or needs of someone else.
So naturally, when it comes time to start our day, it doesn't seem strange to open our email inbox, check our phone, and look for our latest marching orders.
I think this is a mistake. The tasks assigned to us by others might seem urgent, but what is urgent is seldom important. The important tasks in our lives are the ones that move our hopes, our dreams, our creations, and our businesses forward.
Does that mean that we should ignore our responsibilities as parents or employees or citizens? Of course not. But we all need a time and space in our days to respond to our own agenda, not someone else's.

Not a Morning Person?

Does the word morning make you mourn? Does the morning sun remind you of the The Eye of Sauron? Can you think of nothing worse than rays of golden sunshine streaming softly onto your pillow?
No worries, night owls.
As I scanned the daily habits of hundreds of authors, artists, and musicians in Daily Rituals (audiobook), I noticed an important trend: There was no trend.
There is no one way to be successful. There are just as many night owls producing fabulous work as there are early birds. But no matter what their particular routine looked like, every productive artist embraced the idea of protecting a sacred time each day when they could work on their own agenda.
I find morning to work best. Your mileage may vary.
The phrase “Do the most important thing first each day” is just a simple way of saying, “Give yourself a time and space to work on what is important to you each day.”

Monday, April 17, 2017

Motivational Monday #36: What are you putting in?

It's not just about the hours you put in, it's about what you put into the hours.

Working out this weekend it really hit me. As I was going from machine to machine I took a break for some water and stretching and looked around. There were many people on their phones, talking or seemingly just standing around. There were also those with their head phones on, in a zone getting it done or people working out in pairs spotting and pushing each other. Both can say they "showed up" at the gym, both could probably even say they were there for the "same amount of time" but they will have vastly different results. 

A few words jump at me from this: Focus | Productivity | Drive

We all have at the least 8 hours of work a day. Are we getting the most out of it, drawing us closer to our goals daily? 

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Monday, April 10, 2017

Motivational Monday #35: The Strength...

Recognize that everything that you achieve in life is going to be with the help and support of others. Understanding this concept is a key to success personally and in business. There is not lone wolf success, but through collaboration, partnership, learning and growth. Look at your team in all parts of your life (internally in our firm and externally with your business partners) are we working with them to gain more strength and doing the same back for them? What are you doing to build you 'muscle' to bring more strength to your 'team'?

MAKE this week great!

Grow. Leverage. Excel. Connect. 

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Monday, March 27, 2017

Motivational Monday #34: Talk of the town

Who has ordered something off in the last week? For many many folks then answer is "I have." When people ask me "Where did you get that?" Many time my response is "Amazon." I love referring out great products & the services that I receive that are great. Amazon is great because they remind me & give me permission to do so. That same premise can be applied in our industry as well. When we give great services &/or tools to our business partners do we give them permission to share it with others? Our best conversion rates are warm leads, so this week focus on leveraging our current partnerships into introductions that will lead to new ones. 

Make it a great one!

(Jeff Bezos is the Founder, Chairman & CEO of Amazon)
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Monday, March 20, 2017

Motivational Monday #33: Have to v. Get to...

Our words aren’t just important in how they impact someone else but also in shaping who we are as well. Our words reinforce either a positive or negative perspective. Our words subtly echo the story we tell ourselves every single day… a story that after a while becomes what we tend to believe.

It was a subtle thing, an unconscious word choice but a choice all the same.

Here’s the thing…

  • HAVE TO frames things in a way that says I am obligated or required. It’s negative in most cases.
  • GET TO frames it more from a sense of gratitude and appreciation. It’s positive. 
See the difference? It’s a simple shift of perspective but it can mean a lot over time as we subtly train our brains to respond out of a place of gratitude and thanksgiving versus an obligatory requirement.

The truth is, there’s not much in life that we HAVE TO do but there is a lot in life that we GET TO do.

We have to prospect or we get to prospect?

We have to do office presentation or we get to do presentations?

We have to write thank you notes or we get to write thank you notes?

We have to make cold calls or we get to make cold calls? 

We have to go to work or we get to go to work?

It could go on and on. It's perspective. 

What things to we GET TO do today? Let's do our best at it!

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Monday, March 13, 2017

Motivational Monday #32: Productive or Busy?

Today's thought & encouragement for all of us to look at our day, or activities to see if they are getting us closer to our growth goals or not. Our goal isn't to just be busy, it's to be productive in the field with our clients for our escrow teams. 

Keep rocking it out there team getting better each day, growing & achieving great results!

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Monday, February 27, 2017

Motivational Monday #31: Lets Be Lions

Lions like to hunt just as much as they love the prize. A part of being a beast is the hunt; it's the hunt that they are excited about. they love the process
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For us in sales we love the result, but we also need to love the process of getting to the development & close of new business partners. In the field it can get long, but if we love the process, then the days fly buy, our results grow & we form best practices along the way. This can create a compound effect of getting our desired results quicker increasing our conversion rates and thus our productivity increases. When that happens it creates win-win scenarios for you, your escrow partners & clients. 

Make it a great day!

Monday, February 6, 2017

Motivational Monday #30: Following Up

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A simple reminder for the day to follow up. We could be very close to reaching on of our goals or getting a new client & it's just one simple action, call, etc... away from being ours. 

Speaking of follow up. Let's all get out our trackers from the sales contest we had at the end of last year and see how many of those new clients are still opening with us? If some are not, why? That is someone to follow up with if they are in your market or could be a great one to give as a lead to one of your counterparts in that market. ...I'm looking forward to hearing the results from this.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Motivational Monday #29: The Target...

It's about focusing on the customer and not what others are doing. Followers focus on their competition, while winners focus on the goals. YOU are the best in the industry, that is why the competition is looking at you with a target. They are off on the focus and we can keep growing our gap if we stay focused on our goals. 

Make it a great day!

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Monday, January 23, 2017

Motivational Monday #28: Mondays...another day to....

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How are we approaching today? When we love Mondays it's a jump-start to success for the week. Hit the starting line hard, not just showing up, but showing up ready to crush it with a plan to execute goals, grow your client base & move market share for your offices. Our goal every day is to bring value to our clients & prospects, thus earning escrows from those people & teams.

I'm proud to be beside each one of you.

...don't forget to check in with your escrow teams*

Monday, January 9, 2017

Motivational Monday #27: Which type of Pain do you suffer from?

Waking up this morning I really wanted to hit my snooze button. At 6am I had a choice. Hit it and sleep in or get up and do my am workout. I choose to get up and workout. I didn't really 'want' to, but I did know that the decision was going to have a ripple effect on the rest of my day. I could have slept in and it would have felt good at the moment, and that one act would have had little direct impact right then BUT if you compound it then the impact is profound. If it hit the snooze button today it becomes much easier to do the same tomorrow and I will see no result. The same is true for getting up and doing my 14 min workout. I got up today and did it, so it'll be easier to do tomorrow and over time there will be a noticeable difference for the good. 

The same is in business. The discipline to do what we should do is HUGE. The calls made today may not directly turn into a new client, but the discipline of today carried into tomorrow will give you results from the calls made because you had the discipline to make them. 

This can be one of those things that separates us from the others and grows the gap between us and the competition. 

#CrushIt #BeTheException