Monday, January 29, 2018

Motivational Monday #68: Gratitude + Growth

We always need to stay hungry for growth; that is a given in our industry. The commission sales person that looses his or her hunger is the one that ends up transitioning out. As we pursue our growth and achievements its important to be thankful for what we have achieved as well. Reflecting on those achievements can help us achieve our next one as well. 

Today remember to be grateful for what we have, while we are pursuing what we want. The important is the wholeness of this statement and mindset. Gratefulness with pursuit of next.....crush it today!

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Monday, January 22, 2018

Motivational Monday #67: Be A Lazer

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Hey Team, 

Today remember to be focused on what you MUST get done for your day to be a SUCCESS. Don't get distracted, but complete those high value tasks that yield the ROI not just for you but for your escrow partners and or operation as a whole. We grow by prospecting & on-boarding new clients. 

  • Get office presentations to get appointments to get new clients.
  • Make cold calls to get appointments to get new clients. 
  • Attend an event to get appointments to get new clients. 

What we do in the field must have the focus of getting new clients.  

Monday, January 8, 2018

Motivational Monday #66: Always remember to be SMART

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As we are pursuing our goals for achievement this year remember to make sure that that are SMART goals. This way we can track our progress on the journey, make changes if needed and celebrate when achieved. Each one of us is capable of soo much more its a matter of focused pursuit of the goal daily with dedication to it. We only achieve full time BIG results by applying full time BIG actions consistently. 

Crush it today!