Monday, April 30, 2018

Motivational Monday #76: You got it....will you keep it?

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As we are meeting with new people and on-boarding them (hopefully systematically with a PEP and intro to their escrow team) it is vitally important to keep it up. Once they are on-boarded there isn't a 1 year contract they sign to stay with us. We need to be consistent in our approach and execution of our plans daily. That is how we sustain growth. That is how we sustain success. Persistence will get us to a level we like, but it WON'T keep us there at all. Only consistency with a high level of service and value will do that. 

I want each of us to live in success, not just taste it. 

A great measure of this is to look at our overall & branch REM's not just monthly but quarterly, semi-annually & annually and that will be a key indicator of true growth.     

Monday, April 16, 2018

Motivational Monday #75: Today is the day...

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Today is the day....

Competition is great! It's one of the things that drives us to success. When it comes to market share the only way we move it is by our clients growing & growing our clients. That means that we are taking other companies and reps clients by bringing value to them and connecting them with our escrow partners. We do this and we win. 

The biggest competition should be with ourselves though. "Everyday is a chance to be better" ...if we can be just a little bit better today than the person we were yesterday we soar above the competition. 

Today our goal is to best who we were last week; improvement is a constant in our lives nit just for us but for the people around us as well. 

Have a great one team.  

Monday, April 9, 2018

Motivational Monday #74: ....did you ask?

We met with the prospective client....they agreed that we brought them value...did we ask them for their next transaction? If yes.....GREAT. If not, why not?

They are in a commission sales position to and know how it is. When they go on a listing appointment and bring value to the prospective seller they ALWAYS ask if they would like to sign a listing agreement. They never walk out and say "I'm glad this brought you value and I look forward to hearing back from you." They let it be know what the end goal is for themselves and we should be doing the same....remember, they do expect us to ask. 

The simple reminder for the day "If you never ask the answer is always no."


Bring Value + Ask = Growth

Bring Value + No Ask = No Growth for You or Your Escrow Partners

Monday, April 2, 2018

Motivational Monday #73: Wish or Want?

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Is it a Wish or a Want for your Life/Business?

Wishes are dreams in the air that aren't pursued actively. They just sit and are looked at from afar thinking that they can never be attained. Just a thought to move from a wish list to a want list or event a must list! What do you want? I mean really, really want? Think about it and write it down. Put it as your phone screen saver and on your computer. Activity pursue it DAILY! At the end of the quarter, year, decade & life it's more important to look at what has been achieved for yourself and for those around you then to just reflect on what you always wished you did. Pursue have the skill, talent and resources to achieve it!!