Monday, May 22, 2017

Motivational Monday #41:'s contagious

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What's your energy level this morning? Where ever it's at we could probably go a few notches higher right? We know that the energy we bring into a room can set the tone. That goes for our meetings today in the office with our escrow partners and outside of the office with our partners and targets. We have the best resources to help our partners grow...are we bringing it to them in a relate-able & connect-able way? The energy, passion & care that we have MUST come through. We are the tone setters for everything that is around us. 

What tone are you setting? Does it match your goals? Little things make a BIG :) before you answer the phone today and you'll hear a difference in your voice...the cool part is the other person will notice that same difference. 

Monday, May 15, 2017

Motivational Monday #40: Growing Pains

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What are you going to do this week that hurts? Stretching is growing and being stretched is the only way to GROW. To do it once is easy, but creating is as a habit of discipline means growth is constant and I think I'm safe in assuming that we all want growth to be a constant in our lives. If you're with me hop on the bus that leaves behind where we are today (and we aren't going back) and join in the growth journey. 

Action: What "thing" or purposeful action(s) are you going to do that brings some pain or uneasiness? Know that tomorrow it'll become easier and then a strength! #BetterEveryday

Monday, May 8, 2017

Motivational Monday #39: Making it Happen

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We need ideas to act on for sure. The most important part is ACTION to make it happen. Making it happen from beginning to end and not just 75% of the way complete. Don't get distracted by the next thing so much that we don't complete what we are currently doing. 

This week focus on completion and follow up. That is where the magic happens. We need to have the seeds planted, but the results come in the cultivation in order to harvest.  

Monday, May 1, 2017

Motivational Monday #38: Positioning Your Value....

Sales Trinity
Increase Revenue
Expand Market-share
Reduce Cost

If we bring & connect these above with our clients & prospects the sky is the limit. We can't just bring them products, tools &/or services to achieve these goals though. We must CONNECT it to them, how the can implement it in their business with the least amount of growing or change pain as possible. 

For today: 
When we are prospecting or in meetings is our goal to bring 1 or more of these above to the person?

Do we know the products, tools &/or services enough to know how to connect them? If not, are we investing the time to "sharpen our sword" and grow?

Are we closing the circle from the meetings when value is brought and accepted from the client/prospect? Are we connecting them to their escrow team, doing a P.E.P. (if needed) and asking for the order?

Let's connect the dots today & remember that you are the most important "dot" in the equation. Without you, none of the dots connect. Keep Soaring! 

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