Thursday, August 21, 2014

Strength ~ "The greatest strength we have is the team around us."


"The greatest strength we have is 
the team around us."

I was thinking about this last night and wanted to share a few thoughts. 
  • On a team you can be the best individually at your position, but without a strong team around you, the labor doesn't reach it full potential. 
  • Having a team that works together as a strong and cohesive unit is something special. 
  • Having the best around you raises the bar that you set for yourself and you achieve greater things that were once thought to be beyond your reach or reserved for someone else. 
  • Never take for granted the people around you, they are the most important...period. 
  • Communicate goals - Share Success -Share Struggles
  • Never stop engaging, learning or doing the small things excellently
Have an amazing & blessed day!