Monday, November 27, 2017

Motivational Monday #63: is it?

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Are we proactive in a high level of service or reactionary? Sometimes we crank it up for a client or target when things didn't go 100% right on a file -or- we find out that they have begun splitting business or have been meeting with a rep from another company. We do need to crank it up for sure in those cases and keep them with us for sure, so keep that rolling. 

My though is what proactive, planned out steps could each of us do with our current clients where they would be soo satisfied with us, our service and our proactive approach with business development that they wouldn't even think of taking a meeting with another rep, "spreading their business around", etc...

As we approach our 2018 market share growth plans be thinking about how we can stay proactive in retention and the more we retain and grow new partnerships that faster the rate of growth for all of us to win as a team and operation together. 

Monday, November 20, 2017

Motivational Monday #62: Don't give up.....persevere & win!

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A key way to continual success is to always be prospecting; always. Not just when you 'feel' you really 'need it' (we always need it), but all the time. It need to be a part of what you do daily as a habit, nut just an initiative that run for a period of time and then is over. 

Even after your strike a win prospecting, we need to look for the next place to win again and repeat. 

Action for today: Thing of a target client/office or lost client that you have given up on or not focused on the way you know how to. Put into action purposeful steps to gain access to bring them value and ear their business for you, your escrow partners & our team as a whole. 

Go get em' team!!

Monday, November 13, 2017

Motivational Monday #61: Be the Laser...we do it!

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Many of us know of the slide that we use for farming about the 100 watt light bulb and the 100 watt laser. Both have the same output...the one difference is FOCUS. The one that is focused can cut through a wall while the other dimly lights up it's surroundings.   

When we are talking to agents about focused farming or really anything else, that all can easily be applied to us. Focused, consistent actions enhanced with best practices towards a very specific goals with measures built in to rate success. Make sure that what we are all doing daily in our actions fall into above and we are doing what it takes to win. Remember, doing what it takes and really liking it are two different things. 

- If it takes cold calls on new listings to get it done...we do it. 

- If it takes office presentations to get meetings with agents...we do it.

- Whatever it takes to get it done, to get more escrows from more business partners for us and our team...we do it. 

- Why do we do it...because the best do what it takes daily for them and their teams to grow...and we are the best in the business.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Motivational Monday #60: Final 55....we got this!!

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Today marks 55 days left of 2017. We each have 55 days left to make this year what we wanted out of it. It can be easy to look around at other coasting and hop on the wagon, but finishing strong is where the magic happens! Think about a the home stretch the runner digs down deep and gives it all they have (and it's sometimes even more than they knew they had in them) Starting the race and maintaining throughout is great, but equally as important is the finish! 

Lets lean in and make that final push to make a positive impact not just in our lives and business' but remember we have a huge impact on the lives and business of our escrow partners too. 

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