Monday, August 3, 2020

MM #141: Beating Boredom

31 COVID-19 Boredom Busters and Activities - FamilyApp™

Scenery isn't changing much. SIP is still here. We are busy. 

These can be fuels or fables, our choice. 

It's soo important to not allow the routines that are happening get us down. Doing the same or similar things over and over can be boring
.....IF we allow it to. That part is up to us. 

Below are some simple ideas to break through boredom, keep going towards flourishing and maintain our growth mindset and physical strength. 

Lets bust boredom together and as we do this journey we are inspiring others as well. #TheRippleEffect

  • Start the day with a class of water and a short stretch or walk
  • Gameify your activity. (ie: after I talk to 3 prospects I get a snickers bar?)
  • Write down on a sticky note 3 reasons you do what you do and post it on your computer #RememberYourWHY
  • Do some of your calls mobile. Go for a walk around the block while making them
  • Hourly take a music mix break. Play 1 of your favorite songs to get the blood flowing.

I'm sure you all have some GREAT things you are doing too! Share them!

Monday, July 20, 2020

MM #140: What Can We Do?

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are. | Rohan Woods

As we enter in to a new week we have our checklist of things to do, both personal and for business. Sometime we may feel stuck in moving forward towards the accomplishments that we have. 

That feeling is normal, our response to that feeling sets the tone for it all though. Do we freeze and stay idle or do we press on moving forward regardless of the pace? I've found that if you start moving forward slowly at least you can build up momentum and get really going! 

Lets do what we can today! -The sky is the limit; we set our own bar. 

With what we have! -We the the BEST tool, technology and resources; bar-none. Remember though that the best asset we have is the human one; ourselves and our teams. 

Where we are! -We may be at our home office or the kitchen table, but technology has made it so we can thrive wherever we are.  

Choose action over idleness 

Monday, June 29, 2020

MM #139: The Best is Yet to Come

Believing & Pursuing your best, our best daily is a privilege. We have the freedom to do so and the tools, resources & talent to achieve what we want. It won't always be easy, but it will always be worth it. (Easy & worth it rarely come together)

The best is yet to come, indeed! - Picture of Tuitrans, Tui ...

Don't hold back. Press forward. Bring others with you. 

When we pursue our best we inspires along the way, we may know who we inspire, but there will also be those who say nothing , but their actions enhance & change because they see you going & growing, pursuing goals. 

Crush today moving forward celebrating victories, picking up things we had left undone & believing that The BEST is Yet to Come 

Monday, June 22, 2020

MM #138: Do it. You Deserve it.

Growth. Success. Joy. 

These are 3 ingredients that all would like in live; there are others, but I want to share on just these today. 

All of them are things that we strive for. Things that we don't hang on a wall, but need to pursue daily; intentionally. I don't believe that any of these happy end by default, but by purposeful pursuit. 

Growth: Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, Economically, etc... we pick it and we grow where we focus. We dive in and stretch our selves. 

Success: Better every day. In our relationships, profession, etc... when we go for it it's not usually a solo trip but we bring others along with us. 

Joy: This is deeper than being happy. Joy isn't just in circumstance, but who we are becoming. We can have joy in good times in through struggles. We can help others receive it as well. 

Most of our actions are either bringing us closer or further from these. As we go through our days think about what you are doing and which one it's bringing you closer to. 

Share Your Greatest JOY and SUCCESS - Indwelling Language

Monday, June 8, 2020

MM #137: Taking a Moment

We are going at it hard. It is paying off and we are all tasting the fruit of our labor. Just like we plug in our phones at night to charge we need to do the same for ourselves. The recharge helps up to keep going, stirs creativity, lifts our spirits & much more. 

Make sure you are taking a moment throughout the day to pause, recharge, asses & refuel your mind & body. 

We are not good if we don't take care of ourselves. We can't take care of others unless we are taking care of ourselves. 

Pause, give thanks, refuel & pass it on. 

Let's Pause a Moment | Inside Classical Education

Monday, June 1, 2020

MM #136: A few habits

There are many ways to be successful in our careers, there are different techniques, processes & styles. 

Some may be more effective, but there are many ways to achieve. There are a few musts in the job of 'sales' no matter your style that is needed to be a top-achiever. 

The 7 Top Habits of High Achievers - Pick the Brain | Motivation ...

Here are a few of them below to think about and see how we are living/applying them in our daily actions. 

Cheers to a great month ahead! What we do now has a far reaching impact. 

- Play to win. Top sellers are extremely dedicated to becoming Top Performers, exhibiting the hustle, passion, and intensity it takes to achieve what only the elite achieve. If you want to win, give it everything.

- Create new conversations every day. Top performers always feed the front of their pipelines and improve their pipeline quality. They never coast, and never a day goes by when they don't speak to customers, prospects, and referral sources with the intent to source new business.

- Be brave. It takes courage to rise to the occasion in sales. Top performers not only conquer their fears, they seek actively to win the most fruitful sales opportunities no matter how difficult the challenges may be.

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

MM #135: The Questions We Ask...

As we continue to be market share growth focused asking the right questions when we get an audience is HUGE. 

Broad, open-ended sales questions are great for helping you find out what's going on in your prospects' and clients' worlds. They are essential to sales success. 

In fact, "listened to me" , "understand my needs" & "make me feel important" are three wants from those we are meeting with or want to meet with.  
Sales questions also help you connect with them personally, understand what's important to them, learn how we can best deliver value, and create better futures for them and us. 
The importance of asking the right sales questions cannot be understated. (Hint: You need to ask more than "what can I help you with?")

Asking Better Questions

- What's going on in your business these days? How have things changed? (Their view/opinion matters)

- If you were to make this happen, what would it mean for you personally? (Talking Goals)

- What does success look like for you… your business…this project…our work together?

-What is one thing that you want to be doing but aren't? What is/are the things holding you back? (We can help solve this)

Channel your inner Vanilla Ice with any problem or questions that comes your'll solve it! :)

If there's a problem yo, I'll solve it - Vanilla Ice Quote | Meme ...