Monday, September 16, 2019

MM #121: How close are you......keep going

Hi Team, 

As we focus on G-R-O-W-T-H sometimes we don't arrive to our destination as quick as we'd like. We have to keep focused on the goal, focused on our actionable steps we are taking to get there and focused on following up. 

Related imageKeep pressing towards achieving your goals and exhaust all of your resources so we either win by giving it our all or we don't, we know we left it all out there giving it our best for ourselves, our families & our teams. 

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

MM #120: H2H

Hey Everyone, 

Today's topic is one that I have been sitting on and milling around for a while. It's a reminder to all of us that with the technologies, the high speeds of the world and our industry the Human 2 Human interaction in still King. These tech tools are widgets that give us more opportunities to have meaningful and purposeful conversations, interactions and meetings that produce the fruits of our labor. 

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Today's little reminder is that whatever we do there is a human on the other side, just like you & I. It's our job to find a way to build a meaningful connection with them. Once that moves them from where they are. That is not just true in our markets, but in our offices and homes. 

Human-to-Human & Connect

Monday, August 5, 2019

MM #119: Top 3

"To make today successful I MUST get these things done. Other activities are nice, but these three essential to my success so they will be done. To ensure that they are completed I won't let busy work get in the way so I will do these first while I'm fresh & focused."

This is something I adapted from an interview I heard with Warren Buffett and you'll always find a stack of sticky notes on my desk because of it. He talked about having 3 top priority goals for the day that needed to be accomplished; other things cold and would get done but these 3 were a must. This has helped me clear away clutter and 'noise' in my day. It's not perfect, but it's helped with progress. 

What are your top 3? Feel free to share them below if you'd like and then go after and complete them. 

You got it!

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Monday, July 29, 2019

MM #118: Getting & Keeping

"I'm not interested in getting your business, I'm interested in keeping it."

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We need glue in our relationships and it's our responsibility to apply it and make sure it sticks. 

Danielle & I started watching a new tv show and one of the characters said the above line and it resonated with me. We focus a lot on the acquisition of new business which is needed because it's the first part, but the second part; keeping it is equally as important if not more. You worked hard to build up the trust, relationship and bring value and keeping it, preserving your hard work is important. 

The on-boarding of a new client is key and the continual check in or deposits into the relationship days, months and years ongoing in a consistent and value-added way. 

Getting + Keeping = Sustained Success

Monday, July 22, 2019

Motivational Monday #117: Under Pressure we have 2 directions to go

In a book I just finished (chop wood & carry water) the author wrote something that really resonated with me. "Under pressure you don't rise up to the occasion; you sink to the level of your training/preparation."

This was a statement that I really sat on for a while. It made me think back to times when I thrived and when I failed. I could look back and see a correlation from my level of preparation and training and the outcome. This is true in all aspects of life. Wanting to be great at something and pursuing greatness are two different things. We we start the pursuit of of a skill or talent it starts off slow and that is normal, but most of the time we expect it to be quick and easy. if it's worth it we stick to it though. 

What is something you want to excel at? ________________

We identify it, we crawl, walk or run to get there but we get there as long as we keep pursuing. And remember this pursuit isn't meant to be a solo journey. Use the human resources around you to help you get there. 

Monday, July 15, 2019

Motivational Monday #116: Conversations Create Closings & Connections

Who & How we have conversations are the keys to making the conversations meaningful

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Conversations lead to closings. We can't close or connect with anyone without talking with them, not emailing, but talking with them. The prep work is just s important as when the conversation is happening as well. When we approach anything with a plan, that doesn't mean that plans can't change but being truly prepared for something will help us even if we have to pivot as it moves forward. 

When we target the "Who" we want to be targeting and make it a pursuit list not just something on that wall that is a HUGE first step. Identifying who we want to connect with. I have two list every week of friends/family that I want to talk with this week and another that is work related. This helps me focus. 

The second part, the "How" helps us with what 'value' we would like to bring into the conversation. Knowing some of the key points we would like to share is great for keeping flow and connection with not having awkward pauses mixed into the conversation. 

When we are calling people today make sure we are all thinking about what our thesis for the conversion wants to be first and then rock it. 

Monday, July 8, 2019

Motivational Monday #115: Who is new to you?

We can't make new friends and grew new relationships unless we meet/talk with people we don't already know. I think we can agree that we all know that, but sometimes we have obstacles or hurdles in front us us from making those new connections.

I think that these hurdles are smaller than we make them out to be sometimes. We can substitute that time we could spend cultivating new by doing busy items that fill our day inside when we should be out. Good really can be the greatest adversary of great.

Today let's make sure that great wins and get out there! Prospect, meet, connect with people around us. Great things can grow, but only of seeds are first planted.

Rock on Team!

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