Monday, November 12, 2018

Motivational Monday #95: Stand Out....YOU are meant to

YOU are the only YOU

Each day I hope you wake up looking to be better and bring better everywhere you go. That means we are actively looking for ways to improve ourselves and by doing that we have the chance to improve those around us as well. Resist the wave to blend into the masses and be the one that stands out by being better, doing more & living a life to be proud of. 

YOU got this!  

Monday, November 5, 2018

Motivational Monday #94: Knowing v. Connecting

Related imageWe know a lot. It's about connecting what we know to our clients & prospects though. Knowledge without connect is useless. It's up to us to ask great questions to find out the true needs/wants of who we are talking in order to connect them with the best of breed systems, concepts & resources that we have available to us. 
Related imageWhen we connect & bring value we have earned the right to ask for the business. I think we don't ask sometimes because of simply fearing rejection. You know the value you and our teams can bring, have confidence in that and go for it. It's what we do. We hear no more than yes...that is our chosen business. We press on, grow & make our outcomes happen. 

Some articles on connection:

(this one is my favorite)

Monday, October 22, 2018

Motivational Monday #93: Satisfied?

I think we can all remember the times when a customer sang our praises and we grow within the sphere of their office or the group they ran with. Sometimes it happens organically which is great, but I want to think about the times that it didn't happen organically and we cultivated it ourselves. 

We have a great response, we ask for a Reach 150 &/or "Who do you know that we should be working with to?" (I hope we are asking that question) Right now in Q-4 it's a great time to begin asking our clients how we have preformed for them as a business partner this year for them. I'm not just talking about our top 5% clients, but a solid mix to get a feel for how we are doing, where we can improve & where we are excelling as well. 

Let's rock this market! YOU can do it with the support of your great TEAMS. 

Monday, October 15, 2018

Motivational Monday #92: "The Business is Out There"

Check out this link to a short 3 min video:

Image result for quotes on sales making calls

  • Don't stop at 1 call. 
  • Have discipline to drive your day, don't allow it to drive you. 
  • Get out....the business isn't in your office; it's out in the marketplace. Be there. 

These are simple reminders full of truth. If we are in the office it's to wrap up what we have accomplished in the field. Don't spend the day 'preparing to act' Get out there and ACT. Make it happen. 

Monday, October 8, 2018

Motivational Monday #91: A.C.T.

Image result for take action

I think we call can agree that we got a TON of great nuggets out of Fridays Divisional Sales Rally. The important part now is to reflect on what YOUR top nuggets were and then find a way to implement 1 of them into your business. I don't expect us to make huge changes and implement 5+ nuggets, but if each of us implemented just 1 that would have a tremendous ripple effect in our businesses.  

What is the 1 that you are going to choose to A.C.T. on today & keep in your business to help you move forward?

Monday, October 1, 2018

Motivational Monday #90: Change the Ending

Last week out in the field I came across this quote written on a whiteboard in an office. It caught my attention so I took a picture of it to come back to later which I did over the weekend and reflected on it. 

Today is the 90th Motivational Monday that I've written and we have 90 days left in 2018. The previous 275 days we cannot change (the start), but we can start where we are (today) and change the ending. The really cool part is that we can focus on making great impact/change for the end of this year which will set the stage for our 2019 start. When we start with momentum in the right direction we can be an unstoppable force. That doesn't mean that there won't be obstacles along the way, that just means that you'll look at those obstacles as growth opportunities and not a deterrent. 

This week let's look at & act on the things/habits we can bring back or start that will help us change the ending. Our lives are not in silos so when we focus on improvement on growth in our businesses it will flow over into our personal lives too. 

Let's do it team!  

Monday, September 24, 2018

Motivational Monday #89: Choosing to Act

Image result for much of your success in life is determined by how you choose to act in spite of how you feel

Some mornings we wake up feeling better or more motivated than others. It's important to look at how we set up our morning from the night before as well to see if we 'set it up' for success or not. Trying to control what we can, but knowing not all is in our control. 

The quote above has been on my mind for a few weeks now so I wanted to share it with you all. you act in spite of how you feel. That part really resonated with me. I feel like in sports it's much easier to suck it up and deliver, but in life not as much. Just because it's not as easy doesn't mean it's not beneficial. Choosing to 'win the day' isn't a feeling, but a decision. My encouragement for all of us today & each day is to choose to win & pursue it, regardless of how we feel.