Monday, February 27, 2017

Motivational Monday #31: Lets Be Lions

Lions like to hunt just as much as they love the prize. A part of being a beast is the hunt; it's the hunt that they are excited about. they love the process
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For us in sales we love the result, but we also need to love the process of getting to the development & close of new business partners. In the field it can get long, but if we love the process, then the days fly buy, our results grow & we form best practices along the way. This can create a compound effect of getting our desired results quicker increasing our conversion rates and thus our productivity increases. When that happens it creates win-win scenarios for you, your escrow partners & clients. 

Make it a great day!

Monday, February 6, 2017

Motivational Monday #30: Following Up

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A simple reminder for the day to follow up. We could be very close to reaching on of our goals or getting a new client & it's just one simple action, call, etc... away from being ours. 

Speaking of follow up. Let's all get out our trackers from the sales contest we had at the end of last year and see how many of those new clients are still opening with us? If some are not, why? That is someone to follow up with if they are in your market or could be a great one to give as a lead to one of your counterparts in that market. ...I'm looking forward to hearing the results from this.