Monday, September 26, 2016

Motivational Monday #15: What are we busy about?

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What are we busy about? That is a great question to ask ourselves as we get busy. Busy and productive don't have the same definition. It's important for us to look at our activities and tasks to see where we can better optimize or make best use of our time, resources and talents. As we go into the 4th quarter it's more important than ever to know what we are busy about and evaluate our activities that we are doing to get there. 

Challenge for this week: Look at your calendar/schedule and your goals. Is what you have booked and your structure getting you there? Can it be improved? You all are the best and the best only get better by challenging themselves to grow. 

Let's win it!

Monday, September 19, 2016

Motivational Monday #14: Be on Offense....score!

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This week I wanted to remind us all on the importance of offense. Driving forward with the intent to achieve your goal & using the resources/team around you in order to achieve that goal or goals. No one in the history of sports has won with the score of Zero. While some may be just looking to maintain we are all looking to move that line, grow or score if you will. 

Today's challenge is to look at your day and see what your planned offense is. Do you have strategic meetings or activities where their outcomes are to achieve our goal of bringing value to our partners/targets and in return to get new escrow partnerships and deepen current ones? Think about it, act on it and look at the tools, resources & people we all have access to help you achieve your goals. 

Crush it team!!

Monday, September 12, 2016

Motivational Monday Lucky #13: Consistency

It may not be glamorous, but gee it sure is effective.

In the end consistency beats intelligence, raw talent & skill. 

Our goal in the field is to 
"Get More Escrows". We do that by bringing value through products, tools, services & a high level of service. Once we get that escrow and client in the door the deeper goal is to keep the client with us. Client acquisition is much more difficult than client maintenance. It's important to strive to excel at both & consistency is a HUGE key to achieving this. 

Crush it team!!

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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Monday Motivation (on a Tuesday) #12: Don't forget to Smile Today

Today is a very, very simple reminder. Don't forget to smile and smile big and smile often. No matter if we are in front of somebody or talking to them on the phone they can easily tell if there is a smile on our face and if it's coming from inside of us. Think about when we come across somebody unexpectedly joyous and how that makes us feel. Let's do that today to the people we come across. From our clients and prospects to the escrow teams in our offices to and we get home tonight.

Make it an amazing day!