Monday, August 28, 2017

Motivational Monday #53: Which quadrant are we in?

Image result for the closer you get to your goals the harder you have to push yourself because that's when you will see all types of resistance

We have many things that call out for our attention and it's up to us to prioritize them. It's not usually the loudest thing calling that is the most important. Sometimes we can get distracted with things that seem urgent and they get in the way of what's most important and necessary for us to achieve our goals. It's the side distractions that we don't think about that get us, not the big distractions most of the time; we recognize those. Check out the graphic above and think as you come across things to do today "Where does this activity fall?" and prioritize accordingly. We all can be in control of our days and schedules when we are purposeful about it. The more we control our schedules (especially before 10am) really helps our days soar. 

Create a great one today!

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