Monday, July 10, 2017

Motivational Monday #47: What do you tolerate?

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We don't get what we want in life & business we get what we tolerate or another way of saying it is we get what we settle for. Putting it that way sounds harsh, but it's 100% true. Think about it. I know it's true for sure. I "want" to be in better shape...great first step in deciding, but if consistent action of a period of time isn't taken to get to that goal, get it. I don't achieve that so I get what I settled for. That rule applies to us in business as well. Think about the goals you have for growth and then look and the steps taken to achieve them, not just the steps planned, but the steps taken. I'm sure we all have some place in our lives that we want to be the charge is to STOP tolerating less than we want and take action to get there using the resources we have. #CrushItToday

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