Monday, October 22, 2018

Motivational Monday #93: Satisfied?

I think we can all remember the times when a customer sang our praises and we grow within the sphere of their office or the group they ran with. Sometimes it happens organically which is great, but I want to think about the times that it didn't happen organically and we cultivated it ourselves. 

We have a great response, we ask for a Reach 150 &/or "Who do you know that we should be working with to?" (I hope we are asking that question) Right now in Q-4 it's a great time to begin asking our clients how we have preformed for them as a business partner this year for them. I'm not just talking about our top 5% clients, but a solid mix to get a feel for how we are doing, where we can improve & where we are excelling as well. 

Let's rock this market! YOU can do it with the support of your great TEAMS. 

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